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    Welcome to a cleaner, fresher you!

    This 3 week program is designed to help you gain energy, lose foods that aren’t serving you, and give your body a break from fatigue, fuzziness and feeling flustered. The Clean Eating Circle will help you clean out the cobwebs and focus on all the great foods that give you energy, focus and vitality!

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  • Want to know more?

    Check out our informative videos on why doing a cleanse might be helpful for you!

    Why Cleanse With Us?

    In this video we target why cleansing might be beneficial to your body and why it's a great idea to cleanse with us!

    More detailed and thorough video!

    This video is for those of you who want a more thorough explanation of how cleansing can help your body reduce inflammation.


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    *Ask us about our practitioner rate and discount for pairs


    Do you need a clean start? Feeling run down, frazzled and like anything you eat doesn't work for you? Curious about doing a cleanse but want support from professionals? Prefer the support and convenience of an online group?

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    Why cleanse?


    • Give your body a break. We will meet you where you are!
    • Embark on a fresh, new journey while gaining knowledge about what triggers your body, the best foods for you personally, and how to feel confident in your food choices
    • Gain nutrient density and lose some excess weight
    • Reduce inflammation throughout your body, including your digestive system and joints
    • Enjoy eating real food while cleansing your body. No starving on this plan! And no expensive supplements or powders.
    • Get group support from two nutrition professionals: Michelle Dwyer and Amy Griffith, both health coaches and nutrition consultants, are excited to support you through this dynamic and convenient online clean eating circle!


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    What do I get?

    • Customized Clean Eating Circle materials, including recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages, menu plans and ideas and BONUS recipes to help you make the most out of your three weeks within the circle.
    • We are here for you! Continued online access to two of the East Bay Area’s premiere nutrition professionals: Michelle Dwyer and Amy Griffith. We are available to answer questions and support you throughout the three weeks.
    • Access to a support group online via a private Facebook page that will be crucial in helping you to stick with the program, sharing ideas and stories on how you are succeeding, and the challenges you are facing as you follow through this program.
    • Weekly check in group calls and modules where we will offer feedback, outlining ways to better utilize the program, and celebrating the ways in which you are already succeeding
    • Friday email check-ins with bonus materials, inspiration, and opportunities for reflection
    • Educational handouts, links and resources
    • Access to the private Facebook page
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    Who should NOT cleanse?

    • Those on heavy medications for chronic health conditions
    • Pregnant women
    • Children under 18
    • Anyone with cancer, a terminal illness, serious mental illness, kidney or liver failure, anemia or who is underweight.



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    Why a food cleanse or clean eating group? 

    You will discover . . .

    • How to effectively take a break from food products and common allergens, toxins and stressors
    • How metabolism, inflammation and your overall health and wellness relates to clean eating
    • How to cleanse gently and realistically without deprivation
    • That you are worth it (if you didn’t know that already)!


  • "Yes! That sounds like just what I need!"

    Next cleanse TBA

    *Ask us about our practitioner rate and discount for pairs


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    Amy Griffith,

    HC and NC

    Embrace Health and Nutrition


    Amy Griffith shows her clients how to love their food while still eating healthful, nourishing meals. She helps her clients fix their food first!




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    Michelle Dwyer,

    MS and CNC

    Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant


    Michelle Dwyer supports her clients through compassionate health coaching and nutrition consulting services. She helps her clients feel a greater sense of wellness, vibrancy, and energy.





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    Amy 510-813-3484



    Michelle 510-919-4921

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  • What People Are Saying

    Hear from people who have done the 21-day cleanse with us before!

    “I was able to reduce my inflammation dramatically and cut down on three of my medications the next time I saw my doctor.”

    “I felt mentally lighter, not as moody or easily irritated. I also felt more focused and energized, my body had less aches, and I was able to get a better night's sleep.”

    “It was easier to do than I thought it would be, especially with the support and expertise of Amy and Michelle along the way.”

    “Great personal support! It really helped to know that whenever I had a question or concern I could easily get the answers I needed. And hearing from others going through the same feelings, having the same questions, really helped me push past all the initial discomfort of changing my food.”


    "I felt great on the cleanse.  It really helped me move through some old patterns.  And I feel really good in my body.  Thanks!"